California girl born at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton where my dad & mom were based from Iowa. All I recall about So-cal was my kitty named puff, learning how to salute and my little brother Tim’s arrival. After 2 years of my dad doing his residency, we ended up moving to Northern California where 2 more brother siblings arrived… Tony and John. Knowing how complicated the female species is, I am so glad I have 3 fabulous brothers. Oh and I am an Auntie to my nephew Elijah.
I graduated from saratoga high school back in 1979 and went to many colleges all over before landing at San Jose state where I got 2 degrees. Nothing related to Photography. Yep, self-taught however I am jumping ahead. Thought I wanted to be a dietician and tried that out for a few years at kaiser but working in a hospital was not for me. I started teaching fitness in the early ’80’s as I was driven to have the Jamie Lee Curtis perfect body plus I was extremely athletic. I was a bit touched in the head by many BID ( body image distortion ) syndromes and it truly was no small feat to get through the years of anorexia, yo-yo dieting and crazy AM’s of exercising. During one of my stages of jump roping, I ended up cracking (bone fractures) all my toes. Clearly, I come to the camera with a strong compassion for the body wars we woman have all been through.

In my personal life, I am a blessed to have met my perfect match and his 4 children in 1996 and married in 2002. I was never one of those little girls who had the colors of her bridesmaid’s dresses picked out or the flavor of the cake. Frankly never thought I would get married as I was uninterested in procreating (basically I am too selfish to sacrifice my nap time) and I refused the alternative of divorce until someone said… ‘how bout staying married?’ and that is where I am now at almost 14 years.

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